BOTOX is a popular cosmetic medical treatment amongst men and women searching for non surgical facial rejuvenation. It is a safe, naturally occurring substance that causes muscle relaxation when injected in low doses producing a subtle effect of muscle relaxation. Botox is injected with a tiny needle directly into the muscle(s) that are responsible for causing wrinkles, spasm or facial ageing. The injections, whilst mildly uncomfortable take only a few seconds, and effects begin to be visible after 2 – 3 days. Bruising rarely occurs and it fades naturally.

Cosmetic Botox® injections have been proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and moderate to severe age lines. “Crow’s Feet”, frown lines and forehead lines can be reduced with Botox® injections with the results noticeable within a few days and lasting up to several months.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are introduced under the skin with a tiny needle, directly into the area of concern, often with the use of ice, anaesthetic cream or anaesthetic block injections to minimise discomfort. The effects are visible immediately as the hyaluronic acid draws moisture and volume into the area. Bruising infrequently occurs and this will fade naturally.

Dermal fillers are comprised of a smooth gel made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that restores volume and hydration to the skin. The ageing process, together with exposure to sunlight and other factors can reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin and volume in your face.

Dermal fillers effectively increase the volume to the areas around the nose and mouth, reducing smile lines, skin folds and vertical lip lines. Dermal fillers can last up to several months and are an effective way to rejuvenate your appearance.