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We employ digital Panoramic and intra-oral x-ray technology to provide you with a comprehensive oral examination. A thorough investigation of the teeth, jaws and periodontium (gums) will enable us to reach a complete understanding of your present state of oral health.

Preventative Hygiene

Regular check-ups are essential to the maintenance of good oral hygiene and overall health for both adults and children.

We aim to create an oral health program specifically designed to your specific needs to help keep your teeth and gums in optimum condition.

Removal of calculus (tartar) by means of scaling and superficial staining by polishing provides the basis by which oral disease can be controlled and managed.

A thorough oral hygiene program will also include Fluoride Treatment which is provided mostly for children and adults if required, as a preventative measure against tooth decay together with oral hygiene instruction.

Preventative fissure sealants for children are a most effective means of preventing tooth decay in the premolar and molar teeth, as these sealants essentially seal the fissures (grooves) on the biting surfaces of these teeth where decay most often begins.

Composite Fillings

At Colosseum Dental Studio, we use tooth-coloured (white) composite fillings to restore teeth and fill cavities protecting against further tooth decay.  We also use white composite fillings to replace old defective silver amalgam fillings.

Root Canal Therapy

Also known as Endodontic treatment, this is used to eliminate pain and infection from infected teeth, thus preventing the need for extraction and allowing retention of the tooth. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove inflamed tissue or bacteria inside the infected root canal, thus allowing the surrounding tissues to heal. The root is then filled with an inert material rendering the tooth unresponsive to any stimuli.


It is unfortunate that some patients fear of the dentist is so deep-seated that we are only sought out once very little of the tooth or teeth can be salvaged. As a result, the tooth must be extracted but we strive to extract teeth in the gentlest manner possible.


The loss of several teeth can be restored with dentures, which must be custom made and designed for each individual patient to ensure full restoration of appearance and function. Dentures that are correctly developed and fitted to the patient’s mouth and gums will restore a natural looking and secure, bite and smile. There is a choice of acrylic (plastic) dentures or chrome (metal framework) dentures.

A beautiful smile engenders confidence and creates an unforgettable first impression. We use the latest materials and techniques to create a smile that you will truly be proud of.


Teeth that have been seriously damaged or worn down through years of wear-and-tear are most effectively restored by means of a Crown. The affected tooth is reshaped so that it can be augmented by a natural-lookingsynthetic material, usually porcelain, thus rest
oring the tooth’s appearance and health.


The loss of one or more teeth in the mouth, can be treated by restoring the lost teeth with a bridge. These are important in protecting not only the balance of your bite and chewing motion, but the integrity of your facial features as well. We restore lost teeth with porcelain bridges that are tinted to match your existing teeth to provide you with a completely natural look.


If your teeth are deeply stained, chipped, cracked, misshapen, worn or misaligned then porcelain veneers can restore the vitality of your smile. This effective cosmetic procedure involves bonding a thin layer of strong and durable porcelain to the prepared tooth surface. Veneers can make teeth look whiter, straighter and remarkably enhance your smile.  Anassessment can be provided to determine whether porcelain veneers are the solution to correcting and enhancing your smile.

Whitening (Bleaching)

The advent of celebrity makeovers have made people more conscious about the shade of their teeth and as a result there are methods of lightening, brightening and whitening your teeth. There are several techniques employed by Colosseum Dental Studio to enhance the shade of your teeth,  ranging from in-office 1 hour whitening treatments to take home kits. Depending on the solution that is most suitable. These employ a bleaching agent in a custom fitted tray that remains in prolonged contact with the tooth surface, drawing out deeply-set stains thus whitening your teeth several shades in some cases. Most patients notice results within a few applications.

Mineralisation of the first tooth begins in the fourth month of pregnancy and oral care is essential even before the the first tooth erupts. This is required to remove any oral bacteria that may collect in the mouth, from the gums regularly before the teeth erupt.

Preventative dentistry in children is the keystone to instilling good oral hygiene practices throughout childhood and into adulthood. For maintenance of optimum oral health, it is recommended that a child visits the dentist every 6 months for an appointment which will include an oral examination, cleaning (polishing), the application of fluoride and any necessary radiographs (x-rays).

Preventative care will help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.


BOTOX is a popular cosmetic medical treatment amongst men and women searching for non surgical facial rejuvenation. It is a safe, naturally occurring substance that causes muscle relaxation when injected in low doses producing a subtle effect of muscle relaxation. Botox is injected with a tiny needle directly into the muscle(s) that are responsible for causing wrinkles, spasm or facial ageing. The injections, whilst mildly uncomfortable take only a few seconds, and effects begin to be visible after 2 – 3 days. Bruising rarely occurs and it fades naturally.

Cosmetic Botox® injections have been proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and moderate to severe age lines. “Crow’s Feet”, frown lines and forehead lines can be reduced with Botox® injections with the results noticeable within a few days and lasting up to several months.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are introduced under the skin with a tiny needle, directly into the area of concern, often with the use of ice, anaesthetic cream or anaesthetic block injections to minimise discomfort. The effects are visible immediately as the hyaluronic acid draws moisture and volume into the area. Bruising infrequently occurs and this will fade naturally.

Dermal fillers are comprised of a smooth gel made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that restores volume and hydration to the skin. The ageing process, together with exposure to sunlight and other factors can reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin and volume in your face.

Dermal fillers effectively increase the volume to the areas around the nose and mouth, reducing smile lines, skin folds and vertical lip lines. Dermal fillers can last up to several months and are an effective way to rejuvenate your appearance.

Deep Relaxation Therapy can be described as a non-invasive, natural therapy in which the individual is guided into a deeply relaxed state.

Once the individual has been guided into this pleasant state, they enter a powerful alpha state where their subconscious mind (higher self) is allowed to take control and calm the mind and body. In this deeply relaxed state, a natural balancing of the individual’s energy takes place and any negative / unwanted energy, is reviewed and grounded.

Conscious Sedation induces an altered state of consciousness and is a very light form of anaesthesia, that minimises pain and discomfort, through the use of sedatives and pain relievers. Sedation drugs can be administered by Intravenous (IV) Sedation, Oral Sedation or Inhalation Sedation.

IV sedation is commonly utilised as it relies on the administration of sedative drugs directly into the bloodstream producing a faster onset of sedation medications.

This is a technique that is used very effectively with children and very anxious patients. It utilises several medications to help calm and relax the patient enabling dental treatment to take place more comfortably. Although patients are sedated, they do retain control of their vital functions – coughing, breathing and swallowing and are able to respond to verbal commands. Conscious sedation is carried out by an anaesthetist or sedationist and the patient remembers very little of the dental procedures after treatment.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. Implants are made of medical grade titanium and they are inserted into the jaw bone. It is then left to heal for 3-6 months while the bone is laid down and attaches to the implant surface.

Once the bone has healed onto the implant surface, a dental implant crown is made to fit onto the implant. This then looks and feels like a natural tooth.

We employ the user of a laser diode which allows us to perform soft tissue surgery with minimal bleeding and discomfort, as well as improved healing times.

Crown lengthening procedures enable us to remove excess gum tissue to expose more tooth during cosmetic cases. A Frenectomy prior to orthodontic treatment removes the frenum which attaches the upper lip to the gum which can cause a space between the upper central incisors.

Lasers use Low-level light therapy for biomodulation purposes, whereby temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain on the side of the face can be eased non-invasively via interactions of the low level light with TMJ tissues.